Pictures & Progress for 2009 Display

UPDATE - November 20, 2009

Well this year has really flown by and caught us off guard.  We are rushing to finish up the display for 2009.  Our plans are to have the premier the day after Thanksgiving.  Be sure to check back just in case we have to push the date back.  We have the all new 20' mega-tree pole put up and now we are making the strands of lights that will go no the BIG tree.  If all goes as planned we will have 19,200 lights just on the mega-tree!! A MAJOR difference from last year.

Christmas In Jasper - Mega-tree
Here is a pic of the mega-tree pole without lights.

July 30, 2009

Well I really am about to kick it in high gear to get this years show going.  I have alot of planning and labor to do to pull this off.  It's already August and I have to be done by Thanksgiving so I have to kick it up a notch.  Last year I had all of my controllers built by this time and I was working on arches.  Well I just ordered some of the parts for the new controllers so that I can get started building them.  I hope to add a couple of arches this year.  I will have more lights on the house and a ton of lights on the new 20ft mega-tree!!!  Be sure to keep checking back for updates.  The deadline is getting closer and closer!

April 07, 2009

Starting to get everything together for the 2009 display.  I have received 8 more controller boards that I have to solder components on.  If I use all 8 controllers along with the ones from last year that will bring our channel count from 96 channels to a whopping 224 channels!! That's alot of sequencing.  I have found a couple of songs for this year and I am working on sequencing now. I may include one of the songs from last year as it is one of our favorites.

January 12, 2009

Well I have been on the prowl for more lights and I think we have plenty as of right now.  We have bought close to 13,000 more lights, but that can change when we get into setting everything up. Our current mega-tree plan for 2009 includes almost 10,000 lights and 20 strobe lights. We are going to possibly add more arches as that is one of the highlights of the 2008 display and everyone seemed to love them. So be sure to check back for updates on what we are planning.  2009 is sure to be a AWESOME display!!



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