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We want to thank everyone for their comments and kind words about our 2008 display. We were glad to hear how you all enjoyed the show, and seeing the smiles on everyone's faces this year made all the hard work worthwhile. 

12-02-08 Lights for Next Year!

Well we went to Lowe's and bought all of their clear lights and a few boxes of green for next year!

Christmas In Jasper - New Lights

Christmas In Jasper - New Lights

11-29-08 Our show is running nightly!!
Our show started on Saturday night and is running nightly from 6pm-10pm.  Hope you get a chance to stop by and see the lights!!  Please be sure to fill out our form and send us your comments!!

Christmas In Jasper, TX - Christmas Lights in Texas 

Christmas In Jasper - Mega Tree and Mini-Trees

11-24-08 Update!!
Well we finally got all of the yard decorations out yesterday!! Now I just have to finish wiring up the rest of the controllers.  We are still on track to have the opening night on Sat. Nov 29th, so make sure you check back for updates just incase that changes.  I will post pics tonight when I get home of what we have completed so far.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

11-17-2008 - Icicle Lights Complete
Well we worked all day Saturday and Sunday on finishing up the Icicle lights. 
I installed the controller for the icicle lights and wired it up and the roof portion of the house is ready to go. 

Light Controller

Christmas Light Controller

Christmas Light Controller

11-13-2008 - Tune-To Sign and Antenna Complete
We have completed our Tune-To sign and our FM Transmitter Antenna. 
Once again remember the station to tune your radio to is 101.5FM.

Tune-To Sign

Tune-To Sign

FM- Transmitter

11-10-2008 - Icicle Lights on the House
Well we started putting up Christmas Lights on Sunday 11/9.  I got 3/4 of the icicle lights up.
We ran out, so we went to Walmart to get more :)  Now it is suppose to rain the next few days
so that is going to set us back a little.  Hopefully the forecast changes because the weather was great on Sunday.
I will post more pics on Monday of us putting lights on the house :)

Christmas In Jasper, TX - Daniel 

Christmas In Jasper - Daniel 

10-27-2008 - Arches Are Complete
Finished up on the arches. That's alot of PVC :)




I am going to have 4 arches with 1,000 lights on each arch for a grand total of 4,000 lights just for the arches!

As of October22, I have completed all of the mini-trees.  

10-16-2008 - Mini-Trees
Mini-Trees are almost complete. Just have 3 more to wrap.


Our mini-trees consist of 200 lights per mini-tree which comes to a total of 2400 lights on the mini-trees.




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